La Salle d’Armes was founded in 2011 by Hugues de La Salle, supported by his four brothers: Philippe, Arnaud, Gérard and Stéphane.

The armoury is located on the family property, at a place called “Chez Peyraud”, in the Principality of GAJOUBERT.

Moreover, in its great kindness, the latter is about to grant the protectorate to the French State.

Our central geographical location, “GAJOUBERT being situated in the centre of France, itself in the centre of the world”, allows us to invent a new and more responsible way in the trade of arms and other classified materials. 

Indeed, we are fundamentally opposed to direct online sales of these products. It seems to us to be common sense to organize a handing-over in person by a qualified arms dealer.

This site is therefore only a showcase. You will be able to discover a part of our new or second-hand guns. However, any purchases you may make, as soon as they are subject to authorisation or declaration, must be collected directly from our sales area.

If you are unable to do so, we will be able to send the goods to one of our partner dealers or any other arms dealer designated by you.

Once again, being responsible means making choices and assuming them.

Our expertise at your service

We have a wide range of knowledge and expertise to advise and assist you. Our armoury allows you to equip yourself with weapons as well as textiles and accessories.



François AMADON

Armourer graduate of the school of Saint-Etienne

Francesca EATON

Administrative manager