La Salle d’Armes is the armoury of Responsible citizens.

And it is to be Responsible to respect the hoplophobes, to do nothing or say nothing that could accentuate their unreasonable fear of weapons.

It is also being Responsible to accept the present society, in full awareness of its strengths and weaknesses.

It is still and always to be Responsible to participate in the democratic life in the framework of the contradictory debate with the only certainty that words are and will remain definitively the most powerful weapons held by HUMAN to change a society!


La Salle d’Armes is structured around 4 departments:

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Leisure Department

Sales and services in the field of hunting and shooting sports


Support and Assistance Department

Advice and support for all administrative procedures in the field of arms and ammunition


Sales department for administrations

Supply of equipment and services to public and private security and defence professionals


Industrial Department

Use of weapons in the context of tests and/or demonstrations on our infrastructure or on any approved firing range

A family armoury

La Salle d’Armes is also intended to be a “weapons safety education centre”. The formula is deliberately provocative in a society that has made the disempowerment of the citizen its unconscious mode of operation

Our Values

1. The importance of the human dimension

In each of our activities, the human dimension predominates. We support each of our clients in respecting their needs and specificities by providing them with the answers that we feel are most appropriate

2. Safety education is in our DNA

Nothing and no one will distract us from what we consider to be our first responsibility. Selling something that was originally designed to kill, whether for food, self-defence or war, is only acceptable if strong safety education is built into the sales concept.

3. Striving for satisfaction without denying our convictions

Each situation, sale, file or contact is an experience that we are particularly keen to make positive and happy for all parties concerned; provided, however, that this does not oblige us to go against our convictions

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